Louise Gram

UX & Interaction designer

I'm Louise and this is my portfolio.
I aim to create innovative designs with emphasis on usability.

App design & prototyping

During my education as an Interaction designer, I have learnt to design user friendly and aesthetically pleasing apps. I have put my knowledge to the test in my work as a UX student assist at Aalborg University ITS department. 

AAU Student
In the summer of 2017 I contributed to the creation of AAU student. An app for students at Aalborg University to manage schedule, arrangement and courses. 

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I worked with requirements, UX, promotion and many other on the go activities, as we launched this app. As a result, in 2018 over 10.000 students at Aalborg University has downloaded the app, and feedback is positive.  

I still work in the app team at Aalborg University, maintaining and developing new apps.

Designing with users

In every project, the user is the most important source of knowledge. I believe we can learn from who we are designing for in every aspect of a project, being requirements specification to evaluation.
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I engage with users in my work as an interaction designer as much as possible with: interviews, workshops and participatory design.

The images are from a semester project. Participatory design methods was used to create a concept for elders to enhance their activity levels at a nursing home. Initially we used design method cards to trigger: needs, challenges and wishes in regard to the users health.

As a result, we created a system consisting of a doll-like remote and a training program. The user can then press the area they want to train and a program for that area will be displayed on a screen.


I do illustrations for private and commercial use. Here you can watch a selection of the work that I have done.

Digital and graphic illustration
I usually use my iPad pro to draw the illustrations. Sometimes I use a combination of hand drawn sketches, and edit by using Photoshop on my computer.

Analog illustration
I draw portraits for family and friends. My passion for drawing has made me an effective design idea and prototype sketcher.

About me

I am currently doing my master’s degree in Interaction Design at Aalborg University, finishing june 2019. I live outside of Aarhus with my boyfriend and I like to spend my sparetime with friends and family, being creative and staying active by walking or rolling on my skates.


  • 2017-19: Masters degree in Interaction Design – Aalborg University
  • 2014-17: Bachelor degree in Interaction Design – Aalborg University
  • 2013: Rødding højskole – Design and innovation
  • 2010-13: Esbjerg gymnasium STX
  • 2009-10: Den danske Design- og håndværksefterskole

Work experience

  • 2016-Now: Student assist – Aalborg University ITS department
  • 2014-2015 : Sales assist – Stof & stil; Esbjerg and Aalborg
  • 2013-2015: Freelance illustrator for Games Inc.


  • Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and PremierePro
  • Prototyping: InVision and Sketch
  • Programming: Basic knowledge in HTML, CSS, Java, XML, C and C#
  • Illustration: Analog and digital

Social media

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